Light up your shoes!

We all remember them from the 90’s an early 2000’s – shoes with glowing soles. Almost everybody wanted to have them, although they were considered something only a kid would wear. Parents around the world would have to withstand nagging of their young ones, who wanted to go around with brightly coloured lights on their shoes.

Well, if you were one of those kids and want to relive a bit of your childhood, feel some nostalgia or maybe just stand out from the crowd in the evening – here’s something for you!

At you can get several different models of LED shoes in adult sizes, as well as children ones. They come as sneakers or casual shoes, and with several different patterns and styles you will surely find something that suits your taste.

Since they’re a modern design, they’re much easier to charge up than their predecessor from several years ago – you just plug them in using a USB cable. You can also control the color and mode of lighting using buttons hidden inside of each shoe – there are 7 different colors of lighting and 2 modes: constant light and flashing.

You can check out the LED shoes HERE.

Get yourself a pair and feel like a 90’s kid again!


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