Looking for earphones?

There are plenty different brands of earphones on the market right now and it’s hard to pick a model that is actually worth its price. Some earphones have low quality cords that tangle easily or break under slightest tension, some models just don’t sound right and other, while being high-end in term of performance will cost you an arm and a leg.

But there is one exception – the JAYS earphones. The whole a-Jays line combines durable, flat cables, great bass speakers and effective sound isolation, while staying in the 50 euro price range. They are a real treat for people who obsessively listen to music on their mobile devices. In addition to the features I’ve already listed, the JAYS earphones have a smart, modern design which extends even to the box they come in. Apart from the headphones themselves, the box includes spare ear pieces in different sizes and for some models you even get special adapters allowing you to plug two pairs of earphones into one device.

You can check out the earphones yourself – just click here!


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